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Danny Grossman

"The artist asks questions, because he really feels that we have to evolve as a species. What it boils down to then is a simple matter of wanting to communicate."
~ Danny Grossman

The Early Years

1942 Born in San Francisco to a Polish-Hungarian Jewish father and an Irish Catholic mother.
1960 Begins studying and performing modern dance with Gloria Unti.
1963 Invited to join the Paul Taylor Dance Company in New York , Grossman sp ends the next 10 years performing and touring with the company.
1973 Invited by David Earle, co-founder of the Toronto Dance Theatre, to Toronto where Grossman joins the faculty of York University and works with the Toronto Dance Theatre as a guest artist and choreographer.
1977 Forms the Danny Grossman Dance Company, following the tremendous success of the premiere of Higher .


Danny Grossman grew up in a strongly politicized household in California - he walked his first picket line when he was 10, and as a student took part in the historic Berkeley demonstrations of the 1960s. His upbringing provided a background of committed social awareness, an influence that can be seen in the humanistic concerns that animate much of his work. As a creative artist, Grossman's greatest influence was Paul Taylor, one of the revolutionaries of recent modern dance. Grossman danced as a principal in Taylor 's company for more than a decade.

Danny Grossman has created a repertoire of more than 40 works for his Company which have been performed across Canada and internationally. Today, in addition to his role as Artistic Director, Grossman holds the position of Adjunct Professor, Department of Dance, York University .


Danny Grossman has received a number of awards for his work, including

•  NOW Magazine's Award for Toronto 's Best Local Choreographer - 2002, 1997
•  Toronto Arts Council Foundation's Muriel Sherrin Award - 2002
•  Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding New Choreography - 1988
•  The Jean A. Chalmers Choreographic Award - 1998
•  Toronto Arts Council Foundation's William Kilbourn Lifetime Achievement Award - 1998
•  Dance Ontario Association Award 1998

"Danny Grossman's roots as an individual and as a creative artist are bedded deep in a single principle - a questioning of the conventional, and an unwillingness to settle for the status quo."
~ Max Wyman, dance critic

IMAGE:Danny Grossman by Cylla von Tiedemann